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Our story starts in the living room of an apartment in Downtown Phoenix

2018 – First ArtNight parties are held in Aimee’s apartment and in a friend’s backyard

2019 – ArtNight grows big enough to be hosted at various venues in Downtown Phoenix

2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic cuts the party short, but virtual elements like our artist interview series begin

2021 – ArtNight parties are able to commence with safety measures in place, and the first ArtNight outside of Downtown Phoenix is a success in Mesa

Future plans include a YouTube channel, podcast, a blog, as well as a virtual art gallery to support artists even after the party ends for the night!

Aimee Shattuck
- ArtNight Director

“From day one, my mission for ArtNight has been to provide a dedicated time and space for artists to commit to creating for one night a month.”

Aimee is probably best known for her surrealist style oil paintings, but she is no stranger to other mediums. She works with yarn, clay, gems, wire- anything she needs to achieve her signature bold style. She uses postures, colors, fashionable accessories, and exaggerated facial expressions to convey emotions in her art

Aimee is also a dance instructor, so using the body as a form of expression is something she has always appreciated and it definitely comes through in the images she paints as well as the wearable items she creates. 

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