Team Members

Aimee Ink- Founder/Director

As an artist who created alone in her studio virtually all day long, Aimee realized that many other artists were in the same position, so she began having gatherings of artists to hang out and create TOGETHER. These became increasingly popular, demanding more and more space until ArtNight became an official event for the Phoenix art community to look forward to. Aimee continues to curate visual and performing artists and vendors, and also decides on themes, designs merchandise, and creates set decorations, amongst many other things. Aimee is a visual artist herself, and her background with that status allows her to understand what local artists want and need, and facilitate a means to achieve it.

Torey Jones- Acoustic Coordinator

Torey began performing at ArtNight in March of 2021. He quickly showed interest in being more involved, and began curating in some musical acts. Soon after he was given the title of Acoustic Coordinator, which allows him to continue curating musical acts as well as handling communication with them directly. Torey also helps manage the sound and appearance of the stage(s), and sometimes has an entire separate stage of his own! Not only is Torey skilled at communications and coordination, he is also an extremely talented musician who often graces us with his talents at events. We are so lucky and grateful to have him!!

Pauline Jasmin (Photo: Ben Kessel)

Pauline was introduced to ArtNight in December 2020 after a small come-back event, and immediately she and Aimee began making plans. They met shortly after and discussed ways to advance ArtNight, such as merch, insurance, developing our LLC, venues, etc. Since, Pauline has been our go-to gal for shopping best prices with all of these above things, as well as helping curate in and communicate with different acts and artists. She is constantly in work-mode! Always thinking about the next steps to advance. She is SUCH an asset to not just ArtNight, but now also to the greater Phoenix art scene as a whole! She also has her own line of Artistic merchandise called Another Realm In, where she sells handmade mirrors, hats, books, and cut & tied clothing.

Ben Kessel- Photographer

Ben came to his very first ArtNight in February, 2020, and was immediately entranced. Unfortunately though, covid had other plans! Even during the shut-down, while ArtNight was doing live online events and interviews, Ben continued to remain invested. He had several photos from the one event he was able to attend that were usable throughout the shutdown, as well! Once things opened up again, Ben was back at it, with all of his gear in hand, taking professional images and investing his time in learning about the artists involved in the events. He was asked to be a member of the team in March, 2021 and has been providing photos for us not only at our main events, but at intermittent pop-ups as well! We appreciate Ben’s dedication and talent immensely!