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The goal of every ArtNight event is to bring creative minds together

Not only does art makes life infinitely interesting and fulfilling, but creativity allows us to better communicate with one another- to view and solve problems more openly and with innovation.

live art

“I think that when I started doing these ArtNights, I was under the impression that it was going to be just like any other event I had been to, but with how many other creative aspects you find at these ArtNights, it’s really helped influence my artwork personally.  I’ve been able to pick up on people’s technique and skill, and apply it to my art. There’s a beautiful array of painters in Arizona, and it’s really helped me.” 

– Jacob Oddwang

live music & dance

“ArtNight in general curates an environment that doesn’t pigeonhole people; it gives artists of many different mediums the space to feel comfortable, that their art is a wonderful expression of themselves. They don’t have to stress or fret about being different; being different is cool at ArtNight.”

– Christmas Glasses


“We love all the encouragement going on. Everyone is there to support the art scene and the up and coming artists in it. “

– Mr. Meerkat

“We love getting to make great connections with awesome people who all seem to have hidden talents to share!”

– Mrs. Meerkat

building community

“To appreciate art is to cultivate the new generations of art-makers, whether that be children open to learning, or adults who have never tried. Aimee made it clear that an ArtNight is successful not only if it serves existing artists, but if it makes a real impact on people to be more creative, echoing throughout the rest of their lives.”

– Ben Kessel

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